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connecting through art



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permission to Slow down, create & Have fun!

I'm Erika and I'm the creator of Art Kin Retreats!

Back in 2018, I had everything going for me. Having just moved into an apartment with the love of my life, I was kicking goals in a job that I enjoyed and was lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing friends and family. Not to mention I was working on my paintings every week which is a huge source of fulfilment for me!

So, why did I feel this lack? A sense of loneliness?

You know that feeling when you get some good news and you immediately want to call your Mum and tell her? Or when you find a $50 note on the ground so you shout your friends a round of drinks? That's what was missing...

...I felt this deep need to SHARE my love of art!





After curating local art exhibitions for years, I had a huge network of creative people and artists at my fingertips. One of the things I looked forward to the most was opening night of an exhibition - I'd be surrounded by amazing artists, inspiring conversation and folk who are passionate about ART! 


How could I get this amazing bunch of people in a room with me more often? I need to surround myself with people who love art as much as me!

Like a lightning bolt, it became so obvious to me. I hadn't found my tribe yet. My art tribe. Funnily enough, all it took was a Facebook event - An Art meetup Group. I sent it out to my network, slightly embarrassed that I was somewhat desperately inviting people who were practically strangers to come and hang out with me. 


Then the Meet-Up day arrived... I was so nervous that nobody would show up. What if it's only me who has this need to connect through art? Maybe I'm alone?

Much to my amazement - a few people showed up!

And then a couple more, they kept arriving!

Surrounded by people who love to make art, love to look at art, love to be creative and live their lives prioritising that passion.


That's what was missing all along. That's why I felt so lonely. And that's why every single month for the last two years I've hosted an Artist Meetup. Do you know why? Because I'd finally found my ART KIN!

Since then, I realised the only thing better than a monthly meetup was a long weekend away! At the beginning of 2020, a handful of creative folk and I packed our bags and embarked on the first-ever Art Kin Retreat! We laughed, we created, we bonded in unexpected ways - and I can't wait to host the next one, I hope to see you there!  xox Erika




This retreat is for you if:

  • You're a practising artist but you get a bit lonely and isolated working alone. 

  • You're not an artist, but are the only 'arty' one amongst your friends and family. 

  • You used to love to draw or paint but just can't seem to get back into it.

  • You're a professional artist and need to reconnect with just doing art for fun!

  • You get home from work and are too tired to do something creative.

  • You've bought a colouring book and barely touched it (oops!). 

  • Even when you have a free weekend to create - you end up watching Netflix instead.

  • Without a dedicated space at home to create, it's too much effort to set up every time.

  • You go on a holiday and come back thinking you need *another* holiday to recover!

  • You find it difficult to make friends with similar creative interests to you. 

  • You'd like to acquire some new creative skills in a low-pressure environment. 

put an end to excuses & prioritise yourself.

2020-01-26 11.41.41.jpg

Time to work on your own projects.

2020-01-26 11.17.06.jpg

Connect with like-minded people.

2020-01-25 15.19.16.jpg

Learn new skills that interest you.

2020-01-26 11.38.44.jpg

Feel inspired and renewed!

here's what past attendees are saying:

Meet Isabella

"I really enjoyed the workshops, they felt relaxed yet gave me the direction to explore different techniques and mediums. Connecting with others in this learning environment was really cool!" - Isabella, Retreat Attendee January 2020


  • Working full time in an office job.

  • Struggling to make time for her art.

  • Feeling unsupported after graduating from art school.


  • Finding the time to paint regularly.

  • Has a friendship network to encourage her creativity.

  • Feels inspired to try new things.


2020-01-26 16.52.19.jpg

Meet Carlos

"The chance to meet and hang out with other artists, and to focus on art for an entire weekend was incredible. I'd definitely recommend this experience to anyone thinking about it!" - Carlos, Retreat Attendee January 2020


  • Studying business full time.

  • Didn't have many friends with similar creative interests.


  • Learnt new skills that have inspired his personal creative work

  • Attends the monthly artist meetups  

  • Is more confident to try new things


2020-01-26 16.52.42.jpg

Retreat information

Paint Colors


We offer a range of ticket options to suit your interests and budget. From general admission to all-inclusive, you have the freedom to tailor your retreat experience. Exact prices to be announced.


2020-01-25 15.19.16.jpg

Three nights over a long weekend, register your interest to select dates that suit you. When interested numbers are reached for particular dates tickets will be released.



A lodge set amongst the trees, serenity and beauty of
Shoreham (Victoria, AUS). The grounds offer bushland walks, lakeside views and local fauna.

General Admission

This covers your meals + accomm for 3 nights. 

Ticket Options

Workshop Admission

Add each workshop onto

General Admission Ticket.

All-Inclusive Admission





frequently asked questions

You'll be bunking with 3 - 5 buddies in the lodge dorm rooms. Once you've purchased your general admission ticket you'll be able to submit preferences regarding bed and room allocation so that if you're coming with friends we'll make sure you're roomies. Or if you have any other requirements - we've got you covered!

What are the sleeping arrangements?


Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided and we even take care of the washing up for you. So you can sit back, relax, and get into holiday mode properly. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free and other allergies can be catered for, just let us know when you book. We'll be keeping it simple and wholesome with BBQs, Mexican Fiestas, pasta, salads, soups and fresh fruit. 

Are meals provided?


Absolutely! We offer you the time, space and support to create anything you'd like to over the course of the retreat. Bring your own supplies along, dust off that colouring book you've never used, grab that painting you've never been able to finish - now is your chance! Our expert art retreat leaders will be on hand to offer advice, encouragement and guidance should you need it.

Can I bring my own creative projects to work on?

2020-01-25 15.23.44.jpg

That's totally fine! Once you've booked your general admission ticket, you'll be given the full itinerary which you can select workshops from to suit your needs. Book into all the workshops, or maybe just a couple! This gives you the choice to have more time to yourself if needed - you set the pace for your retreat experience. We encourage you to bring your own materials to use outside of the workshops. 

What if I only want to do some of the workshops?

2020-01-26 15.21.11.jpg

Materials for each workshop will be provided to participants for the duration of that workshop. So, when you book into the Watercolour workshop you'll not only be provided with guidance we'll also supply everything you need for that activity. If you'd prefer to bring your own materials to use during a workshop, that's totally fine! We will not be able to subtract materials cost from your ticket though. 

Are art materials provided?

2020-01-25 16.26.44.jpg

bookings will open soon, resister now!

 Bookings will only be available to those who register. 

Once you've registered, you'll be kept up to date with: 

  • General admission ticket release!

  • Workshop ticket release!

  • Any discounts or specials offers! 

  • All the fun details about the retreat.

 Are you getting excited? Don't wait to register!  

Once registration numbers are met, general admission tickets will be released. We will only have 30 tickets available for the retreat so make sure you and your friends have signed up to be part of the fun. 

2020-01-26 13.47.58.jpg


To register your interest, please take the time to fill out the information below. Exciting!

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