Paradise has proven to be one of my most popular artworks ever! I'm releasing 3 Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Prints at the actual size of the original painting. The golden embellishments to me represent so many things. Hope, joy, the interconnectedness of all things. And they glow so wonderfully when the light catches them! This artwork was supposed to be about death. But, as fate would have it, ended up being about life instead. I love the idea that we came from the cosmos, and that when we die our bodies/energy return to the earth. Like we are part of an incomprehensible never-ending cycle. And so spawned my idea for this piece. I wanted to represent the cyclical nature of existence, the cosmos and beginning of life, the earth to which we return, and the peace and beauty we experience as creatures throughout our life. When it’s all laid out like that, it seems very obvious that the painting turned out the way that it has! But when all you have are loose words, ideas and visuals in your head, it’s quite a challenge to tie them all together in a cohesive and meaningful way. After many many failed attempts at bringing these ideas together, I finally struck upon the composition you see now.

Hand-Embellished Paradise Print

  • Specs

    • 30 x 42cm
    • 1.5cm white border
    • 300gsm Ultra Smooth Paper 100% cotton
    • Limited Edition of 3
    • Signed and numbered
    • Gold gouache embellishments
  • Embellishment Options

    1. Gold gouache hand-embellishments: stars in the hair, stars delicately placed on some of the leaves and eyeliner. 
    2. Gold gouache hand-embellishments: stars in the hair and a delicate ribbon encompassing the figure.
    3. Gold gouache hand-embellishments: stars in the hair and golden beams shining out from the figure.

    * If you would like one additional gold detail added to your deisgn you can request this for an additional fee. 

  • Framing

    Let me take care of framing your brand new print for you, ready to hang on the wall! Whether you are after a simple timber frame or something a bit more swish, I can take care of it for you. Please get in touch to discuss your options and pricing. 

  • Pick-up

    Pick-Up is available from Redbubble at Level 3, 271 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000.

What are Miss E's customers saying?

Renee .R

"There is something truly special about the artworks Erika creates!
They are full of exceptional details, terrific use of colour and texture as well as bucket loads of talent! I'm so lucky to have her work hanging on my walls!"

Jenny .L

"I ordered three prints and framed them in timber!
I can't believe how amazing
they look in my lounge room.
I call them my galaxy girls, thanks Erika!"

Medi .B

"I'm absolutely loving all of my art pieces by the talented Miss E!
The use of mesmerising colours are awesome, and the strong female presence in the art speaks volumes!"

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