When I was a kid, whenever a family birthday rolled around - everyone looked at me to make a birthday card. I’d sit at the kitchen table and brainstorm jokes, grab a piece of printer paper and get started on my creation. I loved having this responsibility - eventually my family and friends would eagerly await when their special day rolled around to receive one of Erika’s Cards. You know why? It made them feel special. More than that gift card they got, more than the new video game, more than the box of chocolates, more than the new phone, more than the Hallmark card. Something HAND MADE with love, care and personality - always says so much more than something mass produced. And when gifts are all about actually showing someone that we care? I learnt very early on in my life that my art made my loved ones feel LOVED. And that’s something that only comes with a hand made treasure. These gift packs are my way of showing you that I care, I wish you well these holidays and I hope my art can bring you and your loved ones joy <3 

Gift Pack

  • Specs

    Aphelion Mini Print

    • 300gsm Fine Art Giclee Print
    • 12 x 12cm approx
    • Unsigned Open Edition

    Luminescence Mini Print

    • 300gsm Fine Art Giclee Print
    • 7 x 9 cm
    • Unsigned Open Edition

    Luminescence Pendant Necklace

    • Black alloy setting with glass dome
    • 40 x 50 cm pendant
    • Chain 18 inches long

    Aphelion Sticker

    • Glossy UV resistant vinyl
    • 9cm 
  • Pick-Up

    Pick-up is from Redbubble 271 Collins Street, Level 3. 

  • Regular Retail Price

    The individual value of items totals $69, marked down to only $60 for this gift pack. Merry Christmas!

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