This original artwork was created from my bed, during the COVID-19 Self Isolation period. Rather than my usual lengthy process in creating an artwork, I decided to just sketch this from scratch from my mind and see where it lead me! It was a cathartic and enjoyable experience, which really helped me reconnect with the well of creativity inside me. 


"Isolation" is an artwork about how being forced to distance ourselves from each other might not be a bad thing. Through time alone, she has reflected upon the interconnectedness of all things. She sees with new eyes. A sense of gratitude washes over her, suddenly an appreciation for the people in her life fills her. Although we are isolated, this time can bring us together. 

"Isolation" Original Painting by Miss E

  • Shipping

    Artwork will be shipped 7 - 10 business days after placing an order, with signature on delivery included in the shipping price. 

  • Specs

    • 21 x 29cm
    • 225gsm Watercolour Paper
    • Mixed Media - Watercolours, Prismacolour Pencil, Acrylic Paint. 
  • Pick-Up

    Pick-Up is available from Pink Ember Studio, please arrange with me.

  • Framing

    Let me take care of framing your brand new artwork for you, ready to hang on the wall! Whether you are after a simple timber frame or something a bit more swish, I can take care of it for you. Please get in touch to discuss your options and pricing. 

What are Miss E's customers saying?

Renee .R

"There is something truly special about the artworks Erika creates!
They are full of exceptional details, terrific use of colour and texture as well as bucket loads of talent! I'm so lucky to have her work hanging on my walls!"

Jenny .L

"I ordered three prints and framed them in timber!
I can't believe how amazing
they look in my lounge room.
I call them my galaxy girls, thanks Erika!"

Medi .B

"I'm absolutely loving all of my art pieces by the talented Miss E!
The use of mesmerising colours are awesome, and the strong female presence in the art speaks volumes!"

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