This cameo necklace is a prototype - it has irregularities, flaws and imperfections. But - if you would like to give it a good home, you'll be getting it at a heavily discounted price! I am trialling these necklaces and this is the first batch, I am very happy with how they look, the images stand out and the colours are vibrant. I was a little clumsy as I figured out how to put them together, as such there are little scratched and smudges of glue here and there. The product shots are true to life and I have not edited out any imperfections, although they are largely unnoticable.

Luminescence Cameo by Miss E

AU$40.00 Regular Price
AU$25.00Sale Price
  • Care Instructions

    Handle minimally and with care. The finish on the metal will wear away with excessive contact, only touch it when you are putting it on and taking it off. Otherwise the paint will slowly fade to reveal the raw metal beneath (personally I don't mind the distressed look anyway.) 

  • Materials & Specs


    Material: Alloy 
    Colour: Black
    Inside size: 30x40mm

    Outside size: 47x60mm



    Length: 24" inches
    Size: 2.5mm Loops
    Alloy Metal (Nickel, Lead, and toxin free.)



    Paper: Laser print

    Dome: Glass

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