Inevitability Thinking

Today, I learnt about a tool called "Inevitability Thinking". In essence, it makes the completion of your goals become inevitable. Kinda rad, am I right? As a compulsive goal setter and list maker, I often find myself with so much to focus on that some things can slip through the cracks. What intrigued me about inevitability thinking is that once you put the steps in motion, you don't really have to think about what to do to achieve your goal anymore. You just will!

Inevitability Thinking is all about the conditions - setting up the right set of circumstances so that what you want to happen will do so automatically.

Here's how it works, according to my brain's regurgitation.

You set a goal: have a solo exhibition in 2017. Now, to achieve that goal all you have to do is make it inevitable. But how do you make something inevitable? Well, one of the easiest ways is to ensure accountability. So, I've booked a venue for a solo exhibition in 2017. One step closer to inevitable, because I can't back down on a booking. Step 2, get an accountability buddy. Me and my co-soloist for the exhibition are going to plan out a timeline with weekly checkpoints. Every week, we check in with each other and make sure we've completed what we said we would. Step 3, buy all the supplies in advance. By investing money in materials and having them at hand, it guarantees that I'll use them.

Is this making any sense? The question is: what do I need to put in place to ensure this happens?

Oh wait - I have a metaphor! If you want a train to go from A to B, it's not enough just to build the train. You have to first build the tracks. And once the train is on the tracks, it's almost inevitable that it will reach point B. So if you want to reach your goal, it's up to you to make it inevitable.

Another aspect of this approach is mindset - don't guess that you might achieve your goal - think that it's inevitable. Talk like it's inevitable. Instead of saying "if I can lose 15kgs of weight" say "when I lose 15kgs of weight". In the instance of my solo show, instead of thinking that I will create paintings for it, I'm forcing my brain to think I have created paintings for it. They're in my head ready to go, I just have to make them. Sounds crazy, perhaps, my tricking your brain is pretty easy. If I think something is so, then my body will follow suit and make it happen in order to catch up with my thoughts. So that's where I'm at at the moment! What goals are you setting for your 2017? The year is fast wrapping up and it's always exciting to plan out what's next on the agenda. I'd love to hear your goals and how you're going to make them inevitable.

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