Why 2016 rocked.

I've been hearing and seeing a lot of hoo-hah about how much 2016 has sucked. All over the internet are memes about what a fail this year was (most of which are hilarious). And this week I've heard quite a few comments from people in person about how bad it was for them or people they know.

For some reason - this has really bothered me. Perhaps because for me personally, this year has been awesome.

By discounting the entire year as bad, I feel like people are ignoring all the good things that undoubtedly happened. Sure, in any given year lots of suckiness happens and lots of happiness happens. And even if some super crappy crap happened to you in 2016, by focusing on the negative you're missing the opportunity to learn from the bad and be grateful for all the good.

I apologise if this sounds super preachy - but if the worst thing that happened to you this year was David Bowie dying - then you're doing pretty well in life. And sure, Trump got elected, which is hilariously horrifying. But living in the US is still a hellofalot better than plenty of other places in the world.

In any case, don't try and tell me how bad this year has been. Here's a rundown of my 2016, and I'm so grateful for every little experience I had.

Began the year in Tassie with my love.


Participated in the "Made In Melbourne" Group Exhibition.

Sold my favourite painting ever.

Was betrayed by people I trusted - had that money stolen from me by the gallery.



Had a virus.

Went on Centrelink.

Got to go camping with my family over Easter.

Got a job as a curator at Knox City Council!

Had a virus.

Fluked a job as a painting instructor.

Learnt how to be a painting instructor.

Saw the Sound of Music on stage with my bestie.

Had a virus.

Spent my birthday in Vanuatu with my love.


Overcame my food intolerences without any help from doctors.

Was commissioned to do a painting!

Went salsa dancing.

Participated in the Girlhood #5 Group Exhibition.

Had a virus.

Participated in the Bad Girls Club Group Exhibition.

Got into the routine of eating healthier, shed a few kilos.

Got a job interview for Cocktails and Canvas.

Booked in a dual solo show for 2017!

Exercised a lot - became the fittest I've ever been.


Made new friends.

Got hired by Cocktails and Canvas.

Had a virus.

Started a blog.

Was invited to exhibit internationally for the first time!

Asked to be Maid of Honour for my oldest friend.

Curated my own group exhibition "Truth or Dare" at Brunswick Street Gallery.


Having a blast working as a painting instructor!

Curated and installed 5 exhibitions in the Immerse program.


Asked to MC a close friend and family member's wedding.

Participated in the "Bring a Plate" group exhibition at The Stockroom.


Exhibited internationally for the first time and sold my piece in the "Untamed Fauna" exhibition at Alexi Era Gallery!


And now I'm flying down to Tassie to end the year where I began. It has been a remarkable 12 months. I've learnt SO MUCH about myself and about life. It's always such a privilege to look back at the beginning of the year and realise how much I've grown. I've developed my art in leaps and bounds, learnt to cook, learnt how to take care of my body, laughed and cried - and am so excited for 2017.

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