Activewear haters can get f*cked.

Confession: I spend about 80% of my waking hours adorned in activewear. That's right. I'm that lady at the supermarket wearing Puma runners. You can find me sitting at my desk in yoga pants any day of the week. And I proudly cook dinner in a singlet that wicks the sweat away from my arm pits in an instant. No sweaty spaghetti here folks.

And you know what? I give absolutely zero fucks about anyone who thinks I shouldn't be in activewear when I'm not at the gym. The reason I choose to wear it? It's so freaken comfortable and practical. Much like all my other clothes - on no wait - all other clothes are NOT comfortable and practical to wear everyday. Maybe boots aren't what I want to go for my daily stroll in. And a dress is hardly supermarket friendly, reaching up to get the lactose-free sour cream from the top shelf. Not to mention that sitting at a desk all day in jeans is the fifth circle of hell.

Then finally - someone invented clothes that women can actually move comfortably in, that even *gasp* look good too! Flippin' hooray!

Heaven forbid that I actually be allowed to wear something that I feel comfortable in when I leave the house. Here's my theory - all the activewear haters are people that never actually exercise themselves, and my firm ass in leggings is a spectacular reminder of their aggressive mediocrity.

So, if you're like me and can't give up the delicious comfort of activewear - wear it proudly my child. Show off those calves and biceps. And to all the activewear haters out there? I have no doubt that you dress like a serial killer from the 1970's. So shut your face hole and complain about something useful instead.

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