Here's why you are perfect.

No - I'm not joking, you are perfect. And you're either going to be one of those people who is nodding right now thinking heck yes I'm perfect or one of those people going pfft she's a moron. What I really wanted to title this post was "Why I'm Perfect" but I didn't think that would make the best impression. You see, recently I was having a conversation with some friends. One of them remarked that he wasn't looking for the perfect partner. Confused, I asked, why not? And he replied, because I'm not perfect.

What? I simply stared as my other friend nodded along in agreement. Neither of them thought they were perfect, and didn't want to be with someone who was perfect. My befuddled expression clearly gave me away, as one of them asked me "wait, you think you're perfect, don't you?" Naturally, I nodded. Of course I'm perfect. And I think my partner is perfect. Why would I think any different?

Miss is thinks you're perfect.

Call me egotistical, arrogant or just plain deluded - but that won't change my mind. Point out my flaws, my mistakes, my shortcomings - it won't matter. Because I am as good as it is possible to be. This is what I am. Everything about me, I accept. All the things I love about myself; I accept as part of who I am. All the things I hate about myself; I accept as part of who I am. This is just me. I am my parents, I am my friends, I am where I grew up. I am that time in prep where I cried every day at lunch. I am the time I shaved my head. I am the way I make people laugh. I am every pimple I've ever had. I am my punctuality. I am the way I speak without thinking. I am my crooked teeth. It's all me. Good and bad, pros and cons - those are just our human filters judging our characteristics.

It's all inseparable. I am exactly the way I'm supposed to be, and I'm as marvellous as humanly possible. Hence - gestures at self - perfection. I'm perfect! Voilà! That was easy. Now, some of you may be convinced that I'm perfect, but may be lacking a bit of enthusiasm for your own perfection. You'll have to take my word for it - you're perfect. I'm happy to send you a signed official certificate of perfection in the mail if you need proof. You are exactly the way you're supposed to be. I mean look at you, you're a wonder of the universe. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

This might be a bit of a self-esteem thing. All I can tell you is, work on loving yourself unconditionally. And then you'll realise that you can't be anything but perfect. Don't love yourself only when you've accomplished something great. Love yourself when you're sitting on the couch watching Netflix for the 7th hour straight. Love yourself after you've just lost all the files on your computer. Love yourself when you're not wearing makeup. Or just had a bad breakup. Whatever it may be, know that you are doing the best that you can do. And that's perfection in itself.

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