Casual clothes day? Go to work naked day!

You know, we all have a naked body under our clothes. A normal, flabby, boney, hairy, pale, dark, blotchy, scrawny, muscly, veiny, wonderful body. And they are all just fine and dandy. These days, there are lots of bodies in our world that are on show - but not nearly enough. I believe that part of the reason that a lot of us can have body image issues is because we're not seeing enough naked bodies. We're only seeing a very select group of bodies that are deemed acceptable for public consumption. Which is just whack. Who decided that this 1% body type is going to fill 99% of what we see? It don't make no sense. What we really need is to flood media with all the naked bodies we've got! Put them out there. Don't censor them, or decide which are better than others, or which can be shown and which can't. All bodies are equal and deserve to be seen.

No filter nudity.

Like, one day I saw a woman breastfeeding in public quite close to me for the first time. At first I was startled, it's not every day you see a random boob flopped out in front of you (unless it's photoshopped and pushed up and filtered). And then I was like, awesome! Here is a boob doing what boobs are made to do! And it was so wonderful seeing this part of the body unabashedly doing what it's intended purpose is, without any filters or Facebook icons covering it up. We need our bodies to be more seen and accepted for what they are.

I feel like the reason we don't see more naked bodies is that people are scared that they're the only one without a 'perfect' body. But really I reckon just about all of us have a wonderful body with all sorts of different things going on. And unfortunately we're all ashamed of these parts that we may not like. Maybe if everyone was forced to do life drawing class from a young age we'd realise that naked bodies are fine and normal when they're not airbrushed? Maybe instead of casual clothes day we need to start having come to work naked day! Then we'll all be able to get used to our everyday common average beautiful bodies. They'll become acceptable, and we'll be able to accept ourselves as perfect in our own way.

Or, even better, how about post a naked selfie day? Just imagine if everyone posted a full frontal shot in all it's average glory - not a sexy snap chat shot with a filter on it. Not that I'm criticising being sexy or using filters, go for it. But I think it would be wonderful if we all got used to posting and showing ourselves in less 'flattering' lights too. Because who needs to prove they're beautiful constantly? It's okay not to be. Sometimes I like to post photos of myself that I hate - where I think I'm hideous - to see what happens. And they're received just the same as the 'beautiful' shots. Because really all they're showing is just me - a person with a body.

So here's to all the less seen body parts and body types! May you get the public recognition you deserve.

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