Why 'manspreading' isn't an issue.

I'm not sure why people feel the need to keep complaining about this. Clearly they have no actual issues in their lives to overcome, and therefore need to create something of interest. If you aren't up to speed on manspreading, it's when dudes sit with their legs open on public transport. Taking up space. How dare they! All the articles I've seen on the matter seem outraged at how the patriarchy are shitting on us with such an evil act of oppression. These people seem to genuinely believe that men sitting with their legs open infringes on their human rights, and should be stopped.

Sick of hearing about manspreading.

Here's why it's not an issue. Everyone on public transport is an asshole. It doesn't matter if you're a perfectly polite person, an upstanding citizen or a wonderful human - when you step onto public transport, you are transformed into a monster. That last seat right in the middle of the carriage? No doubt I would stab 3 old ladies to get to it. Because there is no way in hell I'm spending a 50 minute train ride after a day at work standing up. We're all desperate to seek comfort on public transport, and everyone is no doubt guilty of doing something that potentially annoys others. Public transport sins Whether you're the lady with the giant bag taking up the seat next to her, or the able bodied individual plonked down on the special needs seat. You might be the guy with the headphones jammed in his ears, music playing so loud the rest of the carriage has to put up with it for the whole ride. Perhaps you're the woman wearing the obnoxious amount of perfume. Or the girl who flicks her hair around without taking into account the 5 people it's hitting every time she moves her head. Maybe you're the group of school kids laughing so loud that everyone rolls their eyes. Not to mention the paint-huffing gentleman screaming loudly at the back of the carriage. Suffering together My point is, we're all just suffering together through this shared experience of commuting. No one is maliciously trying to offend you, or discomfort you. Men sitting with their legs open are not evil, and they are not oppressing the rest of us. They are simply trying to be as comfortable as possible in such an uncomfortable environment. They're certainly not the worst offender. In fact, I prefer sitting across from manspreaders because it creates a nice little pocket for me to stretch my legs out between theirs. The system works! We should be celebrating these people.

#manspreading #tolerance #acceptance #publictransport

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