Give yourself down time.

At this time of year especially, scheduling in some down time is essential for our own sanity. After an emotional breakdown or two (or three) over the past month, I've realised that down time doesn't just happen on it's own. You need to force it. Otherwise it's work, sleep, jobs, errands, work, eat, sleep, cry, social event, work, sleep, cry, repeat. Which is just no fun at all. So if you're stuck in an endless cycle of things happening to you, instead of for you, here's your sign to stop. Take a deep breath. And schedule in some down time right now.

Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, over worked and like everything is getting on top of me - the immediate and unquestionable fix is always some time to myself. And no - not time to myself running errands, working or sleeping. Time to yourself doing something fun or relaxing. The last month has been pretty chaotic for me - juggling two jobs, moving house and being sick has pretty much left me a shell of my usual self. And last night as I erupted into fat tears of misery whilst cooking risotto, it became obvious that the cycle needed to stop. My partner made a simple yet profound suggestion - honey, I think you need to schedule in some down time. Seems pretty obvious, but it can easily be overlooked when life gets busy. Somehow we end up being completely reactive to everything life throws at us. Constantly dodging, running, ducking - just getting by. What we really need is regular time to stop, catch our breath and be proactive in our approach. So, this morning I sat down at my calendar and scheduled in my me time. It doesn't need to be much - but it needs to be something and it needs to happen often. Even just making sure I go for my walk every morning is a huge help in keeping my equilibrium happy. And making sure I have some time each night to catch up on messages (and Netflix) is all important in the long run. So you there - if you're severely lacking some down time in your schedule, please - pencil some in! It works wonders. And I know for me, I'm pretty much a mess without it.

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