Have you hit second-puberty yet?

If you're in your late 20s, then chances are you have. Welcome comrade! For all those yet to reach their twenties, then you've got plenty to look forward to. If you thought first puberty was a fun thrill ride, then wait until second puberty kicks in! Now, I bet all the older folks are shaking their heads here and having a bit of a chuckle. Well - thanks for nothing guys, could've given us a heads up about this one. Sheesh. Because one day I just woke up with elbow hair -- ELBOW HAIR -- and wondered what the hell was going on.

So, welcome to Erika's guide to second-puberty. As a quick dance along Google's information buffet will tell you, our bodies are still doing puberty-style-shit well into our twenties. There's different hormones doing different things. As per usual. Which means elbow hair. Why, I have no idea. WHY WOULD BIOLOGY PUT HAIR ON MY ELBOWS. We'll never know. It's been fun to watch all the changes actually. My partner and I met when we were 25, and three years later, the differences we've both experienced are remarkable. (Does this suddenly feel like a letter to Dolly magazine from a 16 year old girl?) There's hair where there was no hair before. Hooray. Plus we have both filled-out considerably. That's not to say we've let ourselves go, or anything to that effect. Biology just kinda turned up the dial. For my partner, he gradually became a man *wipes tear away from eye* meaning his shoulders got broader and just generally bulkier in the upper body. Plus less boyish in the face. Because we're old now. For me, I went from a very predictable small/medium in clothing to a shit-storm of no clothes fitting me anywhere. As a woman named Margarita who took my measurements at the gym said, damn gurl you gots curves! Not that I'm complaining (too much) because let's face it, more booty and booby ain't a bad thing. But 90% of my clothes are now unwearable. Unless I just drape them over my body and tape them all together.

More hair, bigger body bits, doesn't sound much like a party so far. But - the old muscle mass is at an all-time high. The dynamic decade that is our 20s delights us with superior bulking up abilities. So hitting the gym is not only rewarding, but much easier than it ever will be or has been. Disclaimer -- I actually have no medical and or science to back me up on any of this, feel free to do more in-depth research. Just speaking from experience. So there you have it. None of my clothes will fit so I have nothing to cover up the hair sprouting form my elbows. But I for one, welcome this second-puberty and all the surprises it brings. I wish you all luck on your own journey through weird bodily happenings.

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