Accepting our bodies VS changing them.

Now, If you're reading this - chances are you have a body. And a marvellous body at that! Sure, it has it's flaws. It's eccentricities. Maybe you've got a toe that doesn't quite look right. Maybe you hate the way your hair curls. Maybe your skin isn't quite how you'd like it. Maybe your eye colour doesn't dazzle. Something I've been pondering this week - is whether we should accept our bodies as they are - or - whether we should be changing them to express who we feel like we are on the inside. More than ever before, we are able to customise our bodies and appearance. But how much is too much?

For me, there seems to be a fine line between accepting and loving our bodies as they are, but also changing them to express who we are. For instance, I feel way more like Erika when I have short hair. Somehow, it expresses my Erikaness better than having long hair. So one day I cut it all off. Some people get their teeth straightened, or their hair dyed, or their tongue surgically split down the middle. Some people get nose jobs and boob jobs and butt implants. Some people get tattoos and piercings and fake tans. All because it makes them more like the person they want to be. I'm torn between thinking we should love and accept our bodies exactly the way they are. No changes necessary. And changing them to suit us better. What do you reckon? In general, I think people should do what makes them happy - but the long term deep and fulfilling kind of happiness. If you get liposuction and it makes you happy, then what's the issue? I read an article this week about a woman who's had multiple surgeries done to transition from a white woman to a black woman. Now - I'm not here to judge - but WHAT THE ACTUAL FARK? Good luck to her. That to me says she has such a deep and unrelenting insecurity in herself that she's literally trying to be someone else. Because how could she possibly love herself the way she was? Sad. But - again - maybe she's happy now that she's black?

Everyone is different - and by gosh if you want to get butt implants you go right ahead. But I have a feeling that people who majorly change their bodies might not be happy with themselves no matter how much they change. I think before anyone drastically changes their appearance they need to ask themselves why first. And make sure that they love themselves from the inside out, no matter what. In general, I think with or without changes to our bodies, we just need to love ourselves. Please feel free to comment, especially if you've had any huge alterations to your body and are super happy! Would love to hear your perspective.

#bodyimage #love #selflove

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