Everyone doesn't need to be like you.

If I remember my high school psychology class (and I like to think that I do) we know that as humans we relate more easily to those who are similar to ourselves. For instance, we are more likely to be influenced by a commercial if the person/people depicted are like us in some way. So every time a white girl with short teal hair comes on the tele, my interest is piqued! But there's a trend I've noticed recently - people want everyone to be just like them. What? For realz? Not only do we relate better to people like ourselves, suddenly we cannot even tolerate anyone who isn't like us. And that's pretty messed up.

On social media, we share a lot of ourselves. There are opinions flying around left, right and centre. If you ever read the comments section of a post, you'll know that there is a huge spectrum of what people believe and how they act. And let me tell you - no one is commenting things like 'even though I disagree with your opinion, I respect your right to think that way'. Ain't none of that shit going on, people tear each other to SHREDS. When did we become so intolerant? As a society, we're pushing more and more for tolerance of minority groups, but we're just finding different and new ways to segment each other.

Oh, you're not a vegan? *unfollow*

Marvel is clearly better than DC, you moron.

You don't drink coffee? I guess we can't hang out then...

People are not only intolerant, they are outright mean to people who don't agree with them. I'm sorry, but when did it become so important for us all to agree? People can have their opinions, as long as they're not hurting you, it's fine. Oh -- YOU'RE OFFENDED? Gosh, I didn't realise! In that case you have every right to demonise, hate and ostracise the person who offended you. How dare they not be sensitive to your beliefs!

Every day I read 1,000 annoying posts on FB, I see countless Instagram stories of people doing shit I don't agree with, and so much art that I do not like. And you know what? That is the beauty of humanity. Knowing what you don't like, what you don't agree with and being annoyed - is a great way to solidify what you do like, what you believe and the things you enjoy. A little bit of opposition is healthy. We can't let our differences destroy any chance of interaction. I've literally had people unfriend me after expressing certain opinions in blog posts. Hah!

Maybe we need to start seeing the value in all humans - regardless of how they vote, pray, eat, exercise, talk, smell, play, drive or dress.

#affirmations #tolerance #happiness

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