The balance between creating and consuming.

Are you a creator or a consumer? The sweet spot, as far as I can tell, is a bit of both. If you're a creator - professionally or as a hobby - then you'll know that there's only so much you can create before you burn out. Or is there? I've discovered a golden ratio E = MC2 type scenario, a formula of sorts. You must consume as much as you create. Or create as much as you consume. Why? It just makes sense. Think about it. Your car won't run without petrol, but if you don't drive the car and burn the fuel, you can't put more in. I'm working on a better metaphor, but that'll have to do for now. Maybe pooping works better? You've gotta eat to create poop, and you've gotta poop to make room for eating. See where I'm going with this? (If you're not okay with poop metaphors, my writing isn't for you.)

Creating and consuming.

The people I know who are the most miserable are those who consume a lot, and create very little. Maybe they watch a lot of movies, eat a lot of food, work for the man. Sure, they probably get some pay-off as they watch another Marvel vomit regurgitated yet again - but are they fulfilled by all this consumption? On the other end of the spectrum - I bet we all know someone who is totally burnt out from creating more than they consume. You know the type, hustling so much they forget to stop and smell the roses. Busy writing books, creating art, or music, cooking for others, but not setting aside the time to experience other people's creativity. To absorb some inspiration, to input some new data into the creative generator. They probably own their own business in a creative sector. Or are studying/learning/developing a creative skillset that leaves them no time for anything else.

For me - I'm constantly on a see-saw between the two. I'll create until I'm burnt out, then I'll consume until I'm bored. This is not ideal.

I'm trying to schedule my time in a more balanced fashion, over the course of each day and week. I find after a few days alone in the studio, I'm DESPERATE to not paint again for a while. Even though I love painting! And then after a few days of work, socialising and chilling, I'm desperate to get back to the studio. Maybe this is just how I operate? This back and fourth lead me to realise the creating/consuming dynamic and how they need each other. I'm not sure how to maximise my scheduling with this new discovery, but just being aware that you do need both ends of the spectrum, is a start. And not feeling guilty when you take time out from creating to watch a movie, go out to eat or simply scroll through your Insta feed.

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