Let me just *eye-roll* at moral elitism.

Has anyone else been noticing this in their feed recently? A perfectly harmless post by a friend, simply expressing a point of view, a witty remark or a daily experience - has tens or even hundreds of argumentative comments piling up. It usually involves a comment by someone putting down the initial post-maker. This then triggers a wave of support from people equally outraged by the initial post - and then a wave in opposition to the opposers. It is like watching a school yard fight, except with pretentious bullshit, facts and jargon used in place of mud pies and rocks. Really, people? Anyone else over it?

I think the difference between a comment/post that aims to educate, connect and inspire - and a post/comment that aims to belittle, humiliate and badger - is extremely obvious. The morally elite love to tell themselves that by posting that comment, they are helping save the world. But are you really aiming to make a larger change if your comment is clearly worded with the intention of aggravating the receiver, rather than educating? Or are you just trying to make yourself feel superior?

The post that triggered this blog was about almond milk. A friend of mine wrote a characteristically funny post about having to drink almond milk due to a lactose intolerance. A friendly gesture extending a touch of humour to her fellow lactaseless comrades. Harmless. But - the first comment on there was, frankly, rude. It went something like "The production of almonds is one of the most wasteful practises in horticulture." Like - uh - thanks for that. Congratulations, you are infinitely superior to the rest of us. Because you make such informed choices to better the earth.

Hey - moral elitist douche wad - did you ever stop to consider that putting others down and generally being a pretentious fucktard is making the world a worse place? Not a better place? Maybe - just maybe - if you'd like to make the world a better place, you can educate and enlighten your fellow man in a friendly way? Surely that would be a more effective way to spread your message. Oh... capitalist pigs who drink almond milk don't deserve your kindness? They should be burnt at the stake? Well, fair enough then. Continue on your outraged rampage to destroy all people who don't make the decisions you'd like them to. Definitely sounds like the best way to approach life. Guess what? Just because some people make an effort to lessen their impact on the environment - does not mean they are better than anyone else. It just doesn't. There is no objective governing rulebook that outlines who is better than others, based on their actions. Or gender. Or religion. Or appearance. So no - social justice warrior - you are not superior to anyone else. Good on you for trying to make the world a 'better place'. But that doesn't mean you can shit all over people and be the judge, jury and executioner when you see a Facebook status about almond milk.

And for the record - skinny people are not inherently better than fat people. And vice versa. Just because you're a minority who has struggled against the system, also does not give you moral superiority over a someone with priviledge. People who exercise and eat healthily are not better than people who eat junk food. Good looking people are not superior to hideous people. People who have overcome addiction are not better than those currently addicted. Those who have spent life in prison for murder are not worse than the president. Sure, we judge them to be. We make judgements. And it's important to be aware that all we know and experience is our judgements of reality. Not reality itself.

So let's all just come down off our high-horse, remember that we all have a right to be here, and that slinging shit around will only make things stink a whole lot more.

#moralelitism #jerks

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