Get your priorities sorted.

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day necessities, things need doing and they all take time to get done. I've noticed lately that I'm getting a lot done - but not the things I really want to get done. Naturally enough, everything is urgent. We live in a time where everything feels like it was due yesterday. So how an earth are we supposed to get all the other important stuff done, that isn't necessarily urgent? As I went for my walk this morning, I was pondering my priorities. And realised that if not kept in check, we end up overwhelmed and under-nourished.


Why are priorities so important?

Knowing what our priorities are is the key to 'having it all'. Do you ever scroll through your Insta feed and see that one person who seems like their life is perfect? They're happy, they go to the gym, they went on an amazing holiday, they have the perfect husband/baby/body, a superstar career. How on earth do they have the time to GET EVERYTHING DONE!? Firstly, we all know social media is the highlights reel, not behind the scenes footage. Secondly, the people who are happiest have their priorities in check. If you don't know what your priorities are, chances are the stuff that's urgent gets done, and the stuff that's important gets put on the back burner.

How do I figure out my priorities? Basically, it's a matter of writing down everything you have to (and would like to) get done this week. I write a list in my planner at the start of every week. Then, you need to figure out which items are urgent - going to work, showering, paying rent, doctors appointment etc. Pretty much anything that will have serious negative consequences if you don't get it done by the deadline. And on the flip side, figure out which items on the list are not urgent, but are important to you - catching up with Dad, painting, cooking, going to the gym, drawing, doing a blog post etc. It's okay if your list seems infinitely long and impossible to tackle. We are going to cut a few things!

Scheduling plays a huge part in getting your priorities sorted. Time is the major thing we're all short on! Figure out when you're going to get all those 'urgent' things done, and how long they will take. Chances are, looking at your calendar, the urgent things don't take up 100% of your time. If they do - reassess whether or not they actually need to be completed this week. Try and include only the things that will give you the highest value. For instance, if going to the gym will give you higher value than going to the doctor - prioritise that. If having a 'sick day' will give you more value than going to work, go for it. And let's keep in mind that we're not prioritising short term pleasure, but things that offer you value and fulfilment in the long run. Today, I went for a walk even though I haven't done so in months. Why? Because I decided it would give me more value than going to the gym! And it did. I also decided to write a blog post instead of cooking. Why? Because writing is extremely therapeutic to me and I needed some me time.

Respecting your own priorities and other peoples'.

If you prioritise going to the gym, respect that. Don't feel guilty about putting that before catching up with a friend. Or if you prioritise sleep, don't let anyone make you feel silly for going to bed at 9pm. If you need a mental health day and have to call the boss to say you can't come in - don't spend the rest of the day feeling awful about it. If you are serious about your priorities and have honestly assigned value to them - then you are doing the absolute best thing for yourself and the people around you. You'll find that once you start respecting your own priorities - you'll be much more accepting of other peoples' too.


Thanks for reading this blog post! Just letting you know that my whole website if full of beautiful art that I've created and would love to share with you! Please take a minute to have a look and let me know some feedback on what you like.

Here is a piece I recently completed.

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