It's okay to ask for space.

Whether you need space from a friend, partner, workplace or family member - asking for it can be a little... well, awkward. I've heard so many stories of people who are too afraid to ask for space, and they end up constricted, suffocated and unhappy. Space is a necessary part of maintaining a balanced life, and there is no shame in recognising when you need it - and asking for it!

It's okay to ask for space.

Something me and my partner established very early on in our relationship was asking for space. And no, not in an emotionally turbulent kind of way that TV dramas would have you believe. It usually sounds something like this:

A: "Hey honey, feel like I need a bit of time to myself tonight. I'll catch you later on!"

B: "No worries!"

Or this:

A: "I'm feeling a bit off-balance at the moment, I reckon I need a bit of space tomorrow to help me re-centre."

B: "Ok honey, let me know if you need anything from me!"

Not so scary after-all, is it? I've seriously known friends who were too scared to have this type of conversation. Why? Especially with a partner, the last thing you want to do is push them away. Or hurt their feelings. Or make them feel as though they are smothering you. But, as long as you're communicative, a supportive partner will understand that it's something everyone needs in their life.

Even with friends and family members, this is a topic that you shouldn't avoid. Maybe you've been out socialising all week, and one more friend asks if you're free to hang out - UGH. Do you come up with a lie and say you already have plans? Perhaps! I find telling the truth a lot more effective. And even if the first time you explain that you need space is a little shocking to them, eventually they will start to understand you better as a person. Which can only be a good thing for any relationship.

A: "Hey, let's go out for a drink tomorrow night!?"

B: "Hey! I'm in serious need of some me-time to recharge at the moment, how about next week?"

I've never ever had a negative reaction to this type of conversation. You really can't go wrong as long as you take the time to explain yourself until the other person understands that it's not about you avoiding them. Even when asking for time off work, nobody wants to be that guy letting the team down. Whether you need a month off for that trip you've been itching to take, or a single mental health day - don't be afraid to ask for what you need. Ultimately, being a well-rounded and happy individual will be more beneficial to your workplace than not asking for time off and resenting your boss. Right!?

Anyway, hopefully this has made it a little less daunting to brooch the topic with your loved ones! Even after all my practise asking for space, I still get a little hesitant when I need to bring it up. It's just one of those uncomfortable things! But totally worth the wellbeing it brings when you have the space to re-centre yourself.


Thanks for reading this blog post! Please leave a comment below, I'd love to chat about this topic with you. Also, check out my new prints that have just dropped! Super excited to share them with you!

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