WORK IN PROGRESS - this painting is about halfway through, now is your opportunity to secure ownership before she's completed. Oil paint on cradled board, 30 x 30cm, 2020. 


This artwork is a depiction of the character Dana Scully of The X-Files television series. My first attempt at a serious fan-art, I wanted to tell some of Dana's story in my own style. Throughout her journey she is subjected to so many traumas, including being abducted by aliens and experimented on, being deemed infertile as a consequence and then after finally conceiving - her child is taken away from her. As a medical doctor, throughout the show Dana is depicted performing autopsies on the many victims they encounter during their investigations. Here, I'm showing Dana having just performed an autopsy on herself, sewing herself back together. I'm using the autopsy as a symbol of all the traumas Dana has encountered and put the power back into her hands to recover from them. 

PRE-SALE Scully Original Painting

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