Who knew exercise was helpful?

I only just realised - your physical health is the foundation for your emotions and your higher thinking. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME? Way to keep it a secret, guys. I could've really used this knowledge like 20 years ago. But hey - I just caught up!

Here's where I'm at: If I don't prioritise my physical wellbeing, my emotions and mind suffer. It's so simple that I feel like an idiot for not comprehending this sooner in my life. I have been exercising regularly for a few years now, going to weekly body balance classes at the gym. And heck, it's been great! I've noticed a huge difference in my body. Way stronger and more awesome. But only recently have I come to terms with how much this plays a part in my feelings and thinkings. Huge part. Like, every part.

Miss E being well.

This really hit home for me a couple of months ago, when I was sick for about 3 weeks with some sort of heinous demon spawn nesting in my throat. I wasn't able to go for my daily walk or weekly gym sesh. On top of that, because I felt like poo, I was eating comfort food and junk to make me feel the goods. On the plus side, I was still able to paint and do my usual indoor computer activities. All was not lost. Although... slowly but surely, the lack of movement and nutritious food took it's toll. My feelings went haywire. Is that a saying? Haywire? I hope someone knows what that means. Anyway, I was all over the place. Feels everywhere. Lost my usual mental motivation eventually too. A big ol' mess.

In retrospect, obviously I was a wreck because I wasn't taking care of my body. But at the time it just seemed like everything had turned to shit for no good reason. I seriously wondered what was wrong with me. Thankfully, the sickly vibes went away and I got back on the horse. Hit the gym, walked my fine ass around the place, and spooned in some sweet sweet nutrients. A week of all that and suddenly I didn't know myself anymore! Back to the emotionally and mentally stable creature that I am. It was at this point that it dawned on me how important it was not to neglect my body.

If well being is a pyramid - your body is the bottom, your emotions are the middle and your mind is the top. Knock out one of the lower thirds and the rest will crumble. Not sure why this seems so profound to me now, I guess most of my life I thought my mind was in charge of my body. But really it's the other way around. And emotions aren't just random things that happen to you for no reason - they're expressions of your internal wellbeing.

So now that I'm up to speed with the rest of you - let's celebrate with a power walk and a bowl of oats! Huzzah!

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