Do something *just* for fun.

When's the last time you did something purely for the enjoyment of the act itself? Not because you thought you had to, not because your friends made you, not because you thought it'd get lots of likes on Instagram, not because it will result in future benefits - something just because it was fun in that moment. Really have a think about that. I found it really difficult to answer this question - because lots of things I do I enjoy, but I mostly do them for benefits other than my own enjoyment. Does that make any sense at all?

For instance, I enjoy going to boxing class, but I probably go because I know it's good for me in the long run. And it's far too painful to be simply for enjoyment! Maybe I went out dancing last week just for my own enjoyment... or did I go because my friends expected me to come? Did I go to please them? Or just so I wasn't missing out? Tough one. As kids, we often do things simply because we enjoy doing them, with no end goal or purpose. We play, we draw, we jump around, we play tiggy - not because we need to feel productive, or for exercise, or to impress others. We do shit just for fun! When I realised I never do anything just for the pure enjoyment of it - I was horrified. Even when I paint, it's always with an end goal in mind. For an exhibition, for marketability, for that next Insta photo. I don't remember the last time I just got my sketchbook out and drew aimlessly, just for the sheer pleasure of it. It's almost unfathomable. I haven't read a book in a very long time, a habit that I was very disappointed to lose. So it's a struggle to get a few pages in - let alone have it be enjoyable. Weirdly enough, I can only think of one thing I've done this week simply for the enjoyment of it. It's almost embarrassing. I went to Ikea. Not because I really needed to buy anything, not to help Mum carry her bags of cushions, not for the crazily cheap fake pot plants. I had no intention of buying anything, and knew that my time could be better spent. But, I was like - fuck it, I love walking around Ikea. Let's do this. And it was magnificent. Glorious even. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and didn't even feel guilty that I'd spent the day window shopping instead of doing something worthwhile. And guess what? It felt damn good! Once I'd let go of this idea that I should be doing something more productive, with a goal in mind, or more beneficial to me in some way - low and behold I actually just enjoyed myself. Who knew that would be such an accomplishment? So, I'm going to try and practise doing things just for fun. It sounds so stupidly simple that I can't believe how little we do it. Also I'm taking suggestions of things to do just for fun - any ideas?

Just for fun: - play golf - do a jigsaw puzzle - cook a new recipe - put on your favourite movie - go to the beach - put on your favourite playlist and go for a drive - go out dancing - draw - read a book

Man this list sounds like, basic and sad. But you get the idea, do something fun :)

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