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Greetings and salutations! As I tinker away in my solitary studio on this fine Tuesday morning, I find myself overcome with the need to connect with others and share my love of art. Being an artist is often a lonely venture, spending most of the day painting on my own. Which is amazing, don't get me wrong. There's nothing I cherish more than delving into a painting and focusing on nothing and no one else. But heck, I thought it would be nice to document some of my artistic life on a day to day basis to connect with others.

So here I am! Are there any fellow artists out there or sole traders who work on their lonesome all day? *virtual hugs*

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What are Miss E's customers saying?

Renee .R

"There is something truly special about the artworks Erika creates!
They are full of exceptional details, terrific use of colour and texture as well as bucket loads of talent! I'm so lucky to have her work hanging on my walls!"

Jenny .L

"I ordered three prints and framed them in timber!
I can't believe how amazing
they look in my lounge room.
I call them my galaxy girls, thanks Erika!"

Medi .B

"I'm absolutely loving all of my art pieces by the talented Miss E!
The use of mesmerising colours are awesome, and the strong female presence in the art speaks volumes!"

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