Are excuses holding you back?

There's this one super important thing that we'd like to do, but for some reason - we have 75 excuses about why we can't do it. Even though we really want to. What the hell, brain!? Talk about screwing us over. Excuses are one of those dreadfull thought processes that make you feel okay for not doing something productive. They give you a little reward for inaction. Not going for your walk today buddy? Naw, that's okay! Your uterus is exploding, so you can't be expected to exercise. And just like that, we feel a little hit of relief and satisfaction. Our inaction is totally justified. Now who wants icecream!

But, if you're anything like me, excuses won't keep you satisfied for very long. Sure, at the time they make me feel okay for doing nothing. But by the end of the day, all those excuses are forgotten and all I'm left with is a big fat zero on my productivity chart. And that feels pretty poopy.

Miss E on making excuses.

Something I've tried to implement is being a problem solver instead of a problem maker. On Monday I ran out of pink paint. A very specific shade of pink paint that I needed to start an important painting. So I zipped up to the local art store, and low and behold, they were out of the exact shade I need. Bugger. I could've given up at this point, the universe is telling me not to start this painting today. But, instead I rang the next closest art store. THEY WERE OUT OF THAT EXACT SHADE AS WELL. What the hell are the odds of that. At this point, I was thinking there is no way I can start this painting. And it's not my fault, I tried! I tried so hard. Totally justified not being productive today. So I went home and stared at my blank board. And thought, how can I make this work? Using my masterful skills as an artist, I threw together a few different tubes of paint until I mixed the colour I was after. (And no, this pink is not just made by mixing white and red.) Hey presto - I could start my painting! Problem solved.

Fact of the matter is, you will always be able to justify not doing something. But unfortunately there aren't any prizes awarded to people who had the best reasons for not accomplishing anything. So next time you find your brain coming up with a really good excuse to not get that done, find a way around it. Problem solver that shit.

Can't get that online product launched because your Internet connection just dropped out? Grab your laptop and go to a friend's house.

Can't eat healthy because you don't have time to cook? How long do you spend watching TV or Facebook everyday? Cut that shit out.

Can't go for a jog because it's 35 degrees and that's way to hot for life? Go to the sweet air-conditioned confort of a shopping centre and do your laps there.

#excuses #productivity #problemsolving

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