Why I Hate Everyone.

Including you! Just kidding. You're wonderful. But let's be honest, everyone else is the WORST. Seriously, when did every single person actually become an awful human being that I detest? I think in my old age I've developed less tolerance for horrible people. But for some reason, my expectations are still that of my 10 year old self. I expect everyone to do right by me and others, I expect everyone to be kind and honest, I expect everyone to not be a total dick hole. Is that too much to ask?

Miss E hates everyone.

Apparently. It seems that week in, week out, myself or someone I'm close to has an encounter with a douche bag. You know, that asshole who makes his problem your problem. Or that girl at a bar who drops her glass and just walks away. Not to mention that 'friend' who only contacts you when you can do something for them. How about a friendly hello before you get me to work for free? Oh don't even get me started about the friend who sucks you into their petty drama. And that acquaintance who likes to 'constructively' criticise everything you do for no apparent reason. Get AWAY from me. Yuck.

Somehow, I used to still entrust that whatever behaviour these people might display, they're still pretty good. Deep down. Now, after years of people constantly disappointing me, I've decided that they aren't pretty good. They're pretty shit. And that's okay, they'll probably always be shit. That's just who they are. And that's fine. The infuriating part is my unrealistic expectation of them. The higher it is, the harder I fall. Which is a shame because I like to hold onto my childhood sense of naivety and wonder. But it just results in me getting hurt.

So, rather than poisoning my psyche with constant disappointment, I've decided to lower my expectations of others. Then it'll be a pleasant surprise if they ever exceed them! Huzzah! Rant over. Go in peace my children.

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