Have a nap.

This is the sign you've been waiting for - have a nap. For yourself and everyone around you. I give you permission. Ease those shoes off and nestle into that couch. Or jump into bed. Heck, crawl under your desk and put your headphones in. Whatever it takes. For too long naps have had a bad rep, as being something that unproductive or lazy people do. But it's quite the opposite really, napping is proven to increase alertness, mood and productivity. Thank you Jesus!

As someone who works odd hours and multiple jobs, I've found naps to be almost essential to my routine. I have no idea how people make it through the day without one! I think I used to spend the second half of the day in struggle town, just going through the motions and counting down the hours til my head hit the pillow. But no longer. The first time I took a nap, it felt like I was doing something naughty. Like I was breaking some unspoken law that says you're not allowed to sleep in the middle of the day. But 30 mins later I woke up, and couldn't believe how much better everything was. Like, a lot better.

Having a nap is like hitting the reset button. Or hitting the reload button on a lagging web page. BAM - everything is working better now! Pretty much like 85% of all mammals on earth have a polyphasic sleep cycle - which means that they sleep in multiple blocks across a 24 period. Humans are like the only retards who decided it was a good idea to get all our sleep done at once. Why not spread out the goodness? We seem to function better when we have multiple bursts of sleep. Like, eating one giant meal a day wouldn't be as good as eating multiple meals across the day, right? Gotta spread out our energy use/preservation.

So if it's an hour before you have to leave for work and you can barely fathom functioning - have a nap. I do it all the time. You'd be surprised that a 30 minute sleep can fully rejuvinate you for another 6 hours or so. And as someone who doesn't drink coffee or energy drinks, I can tell you that napping is where it's at.

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