2017 was pretty awesome.

Is it just me, or does it go straight from January to December some years? Suddenly it's over. It's a deceptive trick of time, the year went by in the blink of an eye, yet if you actually take a minute to look back and think of everything that's happened - suddenly you realise how much you've accomplished. I don't think we spend enough time congratulating ourselves on our achievements, so I force myself to do this blog post every year to help take stock of life. It was a bloody big year, (as they all seem to be). There were lots of hard times, and so many amazing times. It's weird trying to sum it all up in a few lines, but it's fun to try.

I started the year relaxing in Tasmania. I hit the ground running with 10 blank art boards staring back at me.

I painted my first ever mural (at the amazing AWF). I celebrated my close friend and cousin's wedding.

I booked in my first ever solo exhibition (SCARY). I freaked out.

I painted more paintings than ever before. I started boxing.

I learnt how to teach. I had a gallery pull out on our agreement a month before an exhibition (NOPE).

I found a new venue (thank Buddha).

I curated the Peculiar Portraits Prize Exhibition. I painted a self portrait.

I cried. I made lots of mistakes.

I worked myself to exhaustion.

I met lots of new artists.

I lost my Nanna. I struggled.

I hated everything.

I went for a walk nearly every day. I learnt how to say no more. I listened to a lot of podcasts. I lost my way a little bit. I volunteered facilitating art workshops for immigrant youths. I learnt about other cultures. I celebrated 2 years with my wonderful partner.

I had a reality check.

I created my first body of work (10 consistent paintings is hard). I was proud of myself. I welcomed my close friend and cousin's lil baby into the world.

I had my first ever (dual) solo exhibition Pop Dead Gorgeous.

I got to create an amazing exhibition with my best friend.

I sold a painting.

I went from beginner boxer, to bridge, to intermediate boxer (loved it).

I curated the Dark Honey Group Exhibition at OTK.

I experimented with new painting styles.

I painted my first outdoor mural (for Mary Mary).

I was exhausted (uuuugh).

I destroyed my knuckles boxing. I was traumatised by a spam call.

I was sad. I worked with Knox City Council curating their amazing Immerse program.

I started weightlifting (total gun here). I had two artworks accepted and displayed in the Linden Postcard Show. I lost.

I got stronger. I watched my friend of 23 years walk down the aisle. I had my high-school 10 year reunion. I realised how far I've come in life. I felt loved.

I moved out of home. WHAT.

I moved into an apartment with my partner. WHAT.

I was in way over my head.

I cried.

I had too much on my plate.

I taught A LOT of painting classes.

I had emotional breakdowns like every second day. I had the support of so many wonderful people around me. I pulled it together. I learnt that balance never stops being important. I am so grateful.

Thank you 2017, it was a blast. Such an incredible rollercoaster, for lack of a more original cliché. If you had've told me five years ago that I'd be painting and exhibiting regularly, living with the love of my life, be fitter and healthier than ever, and have a super fun job teaching painting classes - I would've laughed IN YOUR FACE. HAH. Ridiculous. Life really is what you make of it.

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