Adult bullies need to go away.

Bullying is one of the many great horrors we experience during our schooling years. Then we all graduate, become adults, and say goodbye to bullying once and for all! Hooray! *sigh* at least that's what we all thought before we became adults. I've noticed quite a few instances recently where people well above the age of immaturity - have been big fat bullies. And that shit is 100% UNBELIEVABLE. It is beyond me how fully formed adults can possibly reduce themselves to making fun of others to make themselves feel better. It's not on and frankly I'm sick of seeing it happen.

When I see a friend or loved one being bullied it makes me FURIOUS beyond measure. And I don't mean getting into an argument, having a debate or simply disagreeing about something. I mean one person directly putting down another person, with no reason other than to make themselves feel good. And you know what makes it worse? Usually it's not strangers coming up and randomly bullying someone. It's a person within your acquaintance - someone you know. It could be a work colleague, a friend, a relative, a boss, your landlord, your gym instructor - anyone. At the gym recently, I heard someone ask the instructor how to lose weight. The instructor barked back - 'stop eating so many curries'. Not to mention being racist, this utterly rude and humiliating remark served no purpose whatsoever. The instructor for some reason felt the need to put this person down and make themselves feel superior. YA BIG BULLY.

Now, I have noticed a change in who bullies are at this age. In high-school, it seemed like all the cool kids were the bullies. The beautiful and the popular could be mean to whoever they wanted. As an adult, I can't help but notice that the biggest bullies are the 'underdogs'. The ones who perhaps aren't so happy with their appearance, the ones who feel like they are the minority, the ones who may have gotten bullied themselves back in high-school. And it never ceases to shock me when I hear these people throw an absolutely disgusting insult at someone. I've heard an obese person bag a friend out for going to the gym, because it's 'vain'. SERIOUS? Shut up. I once heard a drag queen bag a person out for what they were wearing. C'MON. I've heard an unaccomplished person bag out someone for starting their own business. I get it - these people are defensive and figure that they have to be a jerk first before they become the victim. But that type of mindset and level of immaturity is not acceptable above the age of 30, especially. Yet I still see it all the time.

So hands up, who's sick of grown-ass adults being bullies? It's time to call them out on it. Next time you find yourself on the other side of a bully, let them know. We can all build each other up and feel good within ourselves. It doesn't take putting someone else down to bring ourselves up. That's rubbish. So whilst I feel sorry for all the people getting bullied, I also feel sorry for all the insecure-pile-of-garbage-bullies who are taking it out on everyone around them. Grow up and focus on being the best person you can be, without putting others down.

#bullying #wellbeing

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