Getting good at difficult conversations.

We've all had them. Those really excruciating conversations - that we seriously want to avoid. Some people do just about anything possible to avoid them! Which is fair enough, because usually a difficult conversation is uncomfortable and challenging. And the path of least resistance usually seems like a pretty good option. But, what I'd like to share with you is something that I've learned. Having those tough chats sooner, rather than later, is wildly beneficial. And getting good at those awful discussions is a skill that will serve you well throughout your life.

Getting good at difficult conversations.

Firstly, let's just hone in on the definition of a difficult discussion. Even though usually it's pretty obvious, it will mean something different for each person. Some things that are difficult for you, will be easy for others. And vice versa. For instance, breaking up with someone is usually a difficult conversation (or a text, these days). Or telling the kids that Mummy and Daddy are going to live in different houses from now on. Or explaining to your best friend that you're moving overseas. Or telling that mate they need to stop doing drugs. It can be anything. Even something with a more positive note. Like, asking your boss for a raise. Nobody really wants to have that conversation. Or coming out to your extremely religious parents. Or explaining to your kids that the family pet has gone to doggy heaven. Or asking a friend about their mental health.

You can probably recall plenty, if not a few instances in your life when you've had a difficult conversation. It was tough, right? You probably put it off for a while, or avoided it for years even. You probably didn't want to make matters worse, or hurt someone's feelings. But avoiding a difficult conversation poses the same risks, plus more. If you never have that difficult conversation, whatever the issue is will never have the opportunity to be resolved.

Facing a difficult conversation head on has enormous benefits. I don't know about you, but every single time I've ever had a difficult discussion with someone, it has vastly improved our relationship. It builds a bond, it helps develop trust and respect between two people. So being comfortable with this, and accepting it as a healthy and necessary part of life, is something we all need to consider.

There are plenty of resources online about how to tackle difficult conversations! I remember reading into these at various points of my life. Honestly, I've actually gotten pretty damn good at having horribly uncomfortable conversations. I think the key is to always come from a place of compassion, be ready to listen, and to work towards a positive outcome for all involved. So go forth my pretties, and have that tough chat you've been avoiding. I have faith that it will yield positive results!


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