Board or Canvas?

The eternal debate, which painting surface do you prefer? From what I can tell, canvas is better for larger, less detail oriented work. It can add extra texture to a piece and create interest. When I first started painting, I used canvas. But as soon as I discovered board - I never looked back. The smooth surface of a board is perfect for fine details and is a pleasure to flow acrylics across. And I find that I don't have to use as much paint on board., which is a bonus. Most of my paintings recently have been on the smaller side, focusing on tiny brush strokes. But - I have been experimenting with large canvas works. And without fail, every time I paint on a canvas I regret not using a board. It just doesn't work for me! Which is a shame because it's usually cheaper and lighter than board >.

What I'd really like to know is, which medium do you prefer? And why? If you have any tricks of the trade to share with us, please do! Some people are undecided and could do with some inside info on the matter. Other people could be swung from one to the other either way. Perhaps I've been using canvas wrong this whole time! Let me know what your experience has been with either. Or a different medium entirely! Pros of paper, anyone?

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